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Fixed Expansion

Arch Development appliances are often used as an early or Phase I treatment modality to generate transverse, mesiodental, or a combination of both corrections in individual arches. Orthodontic Technologies offers a wide variety of fixed expansion appliances to help aid in individual patient arch development needs. The expanders can assist in achieving correction for cross-bites, anterior/posterior crowding and increasing arch length or width. All appliances can be customized for your individual patient needs.

  • Arnold-E-Arch
  • Bonded RPE
  • Banded RPE
  • CD Advancer/Remodeler
  • Quadhelix
  • W-Appliance
  • Nitanium Palatal Expander
  • Fan RPE
  • Haas Expander
  • Bonded Haas
  • Williams Appliance
  • Gordon Expander
Specification Sheet


The E-Arch, also known as the 'Arnold Expander', is a simple appliance designed to expand either arch laterally. Typically the appliance is built on bands that are placed on the first permanent molars. Lingual arms soldered to the molar bands are adapted to the posterior teeth and extend to the mesial of the cuspids. A tube is positioned transversely in the cuspid-bicuspid area and a wire running through the tube is soldered to the arms on the lingual. A Nitanium Coil Spring is used as the active component of the appliance and is compressed between the mesial of the tube and the solder joint on the arm. This wire inside the tube holds the appliance together and allows the components to expand with the force of the Nitanium Coil Spring. The Nitanium Coil Spring provides a continuous slow force of expansion and is self-activating.

Specification Sheet

Bonded RPE

The Bonded RPE is constructed with a palatal expansion screw whose .045 metal arms are soldered to an .036 wire framework. The framework encircles all of the posterior teeth and supports the acrylic posterior bite plane. The occlusal pads aid in controlling torque and they reduce the amount of vertical (skeletal) opening that occurs as a result of treatment. It is best used for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years.

Specification Sheet

Banded RPE

The Hyrax or RPE appliance is an all-metal device, with a palatal expansion screw whose metal arms of .045 wire are contoured to attach to the lingual surfaces of the bands fitted on the Maxillary 6-year molars. Solder joints secure the attachment of the .045 wire arms to the bands.

Specification Sheet

CD Advancer/Remodeler

The CD Advancer – Anterior Remodeler is a fixed appliance built on four bands. The first permanent molars and first bicuspids are banded, however, bondable occlusal rests can be used in place of bands on the first bicuspids if they are not erupted enough to band. A TPA* combined with lingual arms are soldered to the lingual of the four bands to anchor the posterior segments together against the active forces of the appliance.

Specification Sheet

Nitanium Palatal Expander

This is a fairly new appliance design in the Fixed-Removable family of appliances. It is an all metal appliance whose active wires are composed of thermally activated .036 Nickel Titanium. The appliance is designed to be inserted into horizontal tubes that are placed on the lingual of the first molar bands. Because of its unique 'W' shaped body wire the initial expansion force causes the molars to rotate first then, when the arms come into contact with the lingual of the posterior teeth, continues to expand the arch laterally. It is a self-activating appliance requiring very little chairside time once inserted.

Specification Sheet

Haas Expander

The Haas appliance is a banded appliance with a palatal expansion screw housed in palatal acrylic. It is designed for lateral expansion and because of the palatal acrylic it is especially effective for opening and separating the mid-palatal suture. It can be used in both mixed and permanent dentition cases.

Specification Sheet

Williams Appliance

This phenomenally successful Mandibular Expansion Appliance was introduced by Dr. Jeff Williams in 1994. The Mandibular Williams Expansion Appliance is used for Mixed Dentition treatment with crowded lower incisors, and many consider it to be the most important new orthodontic appliance over the past 15 years!

Specification Sheet

Gordon Expander

The Gordon Expander is a fixed-removable appliance that is built on bands placed on the 6-year molars. It consists of an anterior pad of acrylic that rests against the lingual of the incisors and the first bicuspids. This pad of acrylic houses a lateral expansion screw and supports lingual arms and occlusal rests. The lingual arms insert into horizontal lingual tubes (Mia tubes) that are soldered to the lingual of the bands. The rests are placed on the occlusal of the first bicuspids and enhance the stability of the appliance.




Bonded Haas

These examples represent many of the most common appliances requested. However, we can custom design any appliance to your personal specifications with the quality and consistency you expect from your laboratory partner. For more information, Contact Us!

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