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Minor Tooth Movement

Minor Tooth moving appliances are used to treat minor anterior crowding/spacing, minor orthodontic relapse and to refine/finish cases. Orthodontic Technologies offers numerous options for comfortable, safe and effective esthetic tooth movement.

  • Spring Retainer
  • Super Spring Retainer
  • Crystaliner with Resets
  • SpeedAligner
Specification Sheet

Spring Retainer

This appliance is versatile and predictable. It is used to align the maxillary or mandibular anterior teeth without fixed appliances. The anterior teeth are reset on the models and the Spring Retainer is constructed to fit this new alignment. Some interproximal slenderizing is usually needed and the amount will be indicated on a guide sent from the laboratory. The anterior lingual section of this appliance utilizes acrylic along a flexible segment of wire to exert gentle forces on the misaligned anterior teeth. A labial bow covered with clear acrylic rests against the facial surfaces of the anterior teeth exerting a gentle opposing force. The teeth are rapidly aligned between the labial bow and the lingual springs. The retention of this appliance is usually achieved by placing positive interproximal clasps, such as an adams and ball clasp on each side.

Specification Sheet

Super Spring Retainer

The Super Spring Hawley retainer was designed to correct minor rotations of anterior teeth. It is a removable, self-activating appliance similar to other traditional spring retainers, but, because it is a more flexible design it will allow for a slightly greater degree of correction with one appliance.

Specification Sheet

Crystaliner with Resets

The Crystaliner™ Active Retainer is a clear, 'invisible' appliance used to correct minor tooth rotations. It is fabricated by forming a heated sheet of specially made hard clear plastic over a model of the patient's maxillary and/or mandibular arch that has had the teeth cut out and reset. There are limitations to the amount and number of teeth that can be reset with one appliance, therefore, most cases will require multiple retainers to achieve an 'ideal' reset.

Specification Sheet


The SpeedAligner Appliance is a removable type orthodontic appliance which resembles a Hawley-type Retainer. This appliance is primarily designed for esthetic treatment and can be used to correct minor tooth crowding and rotations, especially effective in relapse cases. It can also be used to obtain functional results, because it is capable of bodily moving teeth and not just tipping them.

These examples represent many of the most common appliances requested. However, we can custom design any appliance to your personal specifications with the quality and consistency you expect from your laboratory partner. For more information, Contact Us!

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