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Night-Time Appliances

Nighttime appliances are intended to help treat temporomandibular disorders or restricted air flow.

  • EMA
  • Orthopedic Corrector
  • TAP
Specification Sheet


The EMA - Custom appliance is a simple, patient-friendly oral appliance. This noninvasive treatment of snoring and OSA is achieved by opening the bite and moving the mandible forward. The EMA® - Custom appliance uses elastic to gently bring the mandible forward. These interchangeable straps offer varying degrees of mandibular advancement.

Specification Sheet

Orthopedic Corrector

The Orthopedic Corrector is a monoblock appliance whose design origins are based on the Bionator. With the addition of two side screws, Dr. John Witzig is credited for modifying the Bionator into what is now known as the Orthopedic Corrector.


These examples represent many of the most common appliances requested. However, we can custom design any appliance to your personal specifications with the quality and consistency you expect from your laboratory partner. For more information, Contact Us!

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