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Space Maintainers

A Space Maintainer is usually a fixed appliance designed to maintain an existing space. A primary tooth is sometimes lost prematurely because of tooth decay or injury. When this occurs before the replacement tooth is ready to erupt, the nearby teeth can shift or drift into space the primary tooth occupied causing crowding or a lack of space for the permanent teeth. A Space Maintainer is important to maintain necessary space for the permanent teeth and help guide them into position.

  • Band & Loop
  • Lingual Arch
  • Nance
  • Halterman
  • Distal Shoe
  • TPA
  • Pedo (Kiddie) Partial
Specification Sheet


The Halterman appliance is designed to upright a tipped molar and in the process regain some lost 'e' space. In its' simplest form it consists only of a single band on the first deciduous molar and a Halterman wire.

Specification Sheet

Distal Shoe

The Distal Shoe is an appliance that is designed to upright an impacted, and in some cases tipped, molar. It is an extremely simple appliance consisting only of a reverse band and loop with an extra wedge-shaped, piece of band material that is soldered to the distal of the loop.

Specification Sheet

Pedo (Kiddie) Partial

When upper anterior teeth are lost prematurely a Fixed Pedo Partial can help make the transition until the permanent teeth erupt. There are several reasons for using a partial in young children. First and most obvious are the esthetic and social reasons. The child will look better and feel more confident with a Pedo Partial in place. There are also speech and orthodontic reasons for using a Pedo Partial. The upper anterior teeth are required for proper speech and functional development as the tongue must contact the lingual of these teeth to form certain sounds. Orthodontically the appliance will aid in preventing tongue thrusting problems and a resultant open bite.

Band & Loop

Lingual Arch



These examples represent many of the most common appliances requested. However, we can custom design any appliance to your personal specifications with the quality and consistency you expect from your laboratory partner. For more information, Contact Us!

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