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Splints & TMD

Splints help to prevent tooth and joint damage from grinding, clenching and TMD disorders. A Splint/Nightguard allows the lower jaw to assume its most correct and least traumatic position decreasing both muscular activity and damaging forces to the joint.

  • Lower NightGuard
  • Upper NightGuard
  • Witzig-Stack TMJ
  • Ricketts
  • Mora-Gelb
Specification Sheet

Witzig-Stack TMJ

The Witzig-Stack splint was developed to treat TMJ dysfunction. It is usually the first appliance used in a long-term treatment plan. The function of the appliance is twofold. Primarily it is used to stabilize the mandible to prevent any further damage to the temporomandibular joint including the condyle, disc, fossa and related tissues. It also repositions the condyle into an ideal 'Gelb 4/7' condylar position within the fossa, as prescribed by Dr. Gelb. After the patient's bite has been reestablished with splint therapy, usually in 9 to 12 months, the patient's posterior dental occlusion has to be reestablished either orthodontically or with a prosthetic appliance such as an Overlay Partial.

Specification Sheet


A Neuromuscular Splint functions to reposition the mandible for the purpose of treating patients experiencing temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The most common example of Neuromuscular Splint is what is referred to as the LVI Splint. Another example of this type of splint is the Ricketts Splint. A Neuromuscular Splint is constructed to reflect using TENS bite. This is a special bite made by the doctor chairside that reflects the patient's mandibular position at the resting length of the muscles.

Lower NightGuard

Upper NightGuard


These examples represent many of the most common appliances requested. However, we can custom design any appliance to your personal specifications with the quality and consistency you expect from your laboratory partner. For more information, Contact Us!

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